Ceph: How to enable nova live snapshots on Xen hypervisor

Currently, our company is in the middle of a migration process, trying to move our existing virtual machines into our private OpenStack cloud (Mitaka). Some of them will be moved, others will be re-installed. One of the major issues we are facing from time to time is the lack of Xen support.

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SLE12 – provide a driver update via kernel command line

This post refers to the installation process for SLE12 or how to provide driver updates via kernel command line, to be more specific. In my environment, I’m using a SLES11SP3 xen-host for all kinds of xen-guest installations, this time I wanted to install a SLES12 VM. Continue reading

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From VMware to Xen

In this article I would like to give a short instruction how to convert multipart vmdk images into single file (raw) images to use on a Xen host. My environment is a SLES11-SP4 Xen hosts, the instances I want to run are SLES12 VMs created with VMware. Continue reading

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