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OpenStack with Ceph: Clean up orphaned instances

Working with Ceph and OpenStack can make your life as a cloud administrator really easy, but sometimes you discover its downsides. From time to time I share some findings in this blog, it’s a nice documentation for me and hopefully … Continue reading

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Obstacles for OpenStack: cinder-volume tears down control node

I’d like to share another finding from my work with OpenStack. I was asked for assistance in a small private cloud based on Ocata with a single control node and a handful of compute nodes, and Ceph as storage backend. … Continue reading

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Migrating BlueStore’s block.db

Ceph’s BlueStore storage engine is rather new, so the big wave of migrations because of failing block devices is still ahead – on the other hand, non-optimum device selection because of missing experience or “heritage environments” may have left you … Continue reading

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