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OpenStack: Upgrade to high availability (Part I)

This article is the beginning of a little blog series about our journey to upgrade a single-control-node environment to a highly available OpenStack Cloud. We started to use OpenStack as an experiment while our company was running on a different … Continue reading

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Obstacles for OpenStack: disk_format is not the same as disk_format

I bet you’re wondering about the title and if there’s a typo or some other mistake. I promise, there’s nothing wrong with the title. It’s a result of some research I did in two different environments (Ocata and Rocky), I … Continue reading

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OpenStack with Ceph: orphaned instances part II

If you read my first article about orphaned instances this might be also relevant for you. I’ll just add some more notes to that topic so this article will be rather short. This report applies to a production Ocata environment … Continue reading

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