How to reinstall SUSE Cloud

This post refers to SUSE Cloud 5.
I have a test environment consisting of four nodes: 1 admin node, 1 control node and 2 compute nodes.
While you are trying to set up your cloud environment you could be facing different issues from time to time, some of them will require to install the cloud from scratch because of misconfiguration or other causes.


I am still trying to understand SUSE Cloud, I’m working with it for several months now and there is always something new coming up I have to deal with. So due to mistakes in the documentation, problems with a mixture of SLES11/SLES12 and all kinds of other difficulties I have reached the point of “reinstall the whole cloud” multiple times now.

Possible Problem

Usually, you would have to “forget” your control/compute nodes, deactivate/delete all your barclamps and somehow get rid of your old cloud data, which seems to be quite difficult, I still have no reliable way of doing all that. If you don’t delete all your stuff cleanly, you could have problems deploying your services again when you reinstall your nodes because of existing data in the cache or anywhere else. To make sure to have a clean environment, you could reinstall the admin node. To avoid this, there is a simple trick.


Instead of reinstalling the admin node you just have to get rid of the file /opt/dell/crowbar_framework/.crowbar-installed-ok on the admin node. This file is created after a successful cloud installation by the script install-suse-cloud:

# We're done!
# -----------
echo_summary "Installation complete!"
touch /opt/dell/crowbar_framework/.crowbar-installed-ok

If you try to run install-suse-cloud again, the script will test if that file already exists:

if [ -f /opt/dell/crowbar_framework/.crowbar-installed-ok ]; then

cat << EOF | pipe_show_and_log
Aborting: Administration Server is already deployed.

You get the hint to delete the file:

If you want to run the installation script again,
then please remove the following file:


Before you run install-suse-cloud again, make sure to delete (“Forget”) existing nodes, they may cause problems if you try to reinstall them. This tip from SUSE Support probably saved me a lot of time.

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