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How to migrate instances from Xen to KVM

This post is a short one, basically it contains only two steps. The goal is to be able to launch a Xen instance on a KVM host. Currently, we are testing KVM as hypervisor for our private (OpenStack) cloud as … Continue reading

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Ceph: How to enable nova live snapshots on Xen hypervisor

Currently, our company is in the middle of a migration process, trying to move our existing virtual machines into our private OpenStack cloud (Mitaka). Some of them will be moved, others will be re-installed. One of the major issues we … Continue reading

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From VMware to Xen

In this article I would like to give a short instruction how to convert multipart vmdk images into single file (raw) images to use on a Xen host. My environment is a SLES11-SP4 Xen hosts, the instances I want to … Continue reading

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